In honor of mother’s everywhere today I’m going to stroll down memory lane in the world of fragrances.

Image via Martha Stewart

How does that honor mothers you ask?  Well, fragrance is such a feminine staple, and because most of us can still remember our mother’s and even grandmother’s scent, I thought it would be fun to recap the fragrances I have known and loved.

My mom was an Estee Lauder “Pleasures” gal.  I have worn a couple of the Estee Lauder fragrances [Cinnabar and Beautiful] (at least 1 bottle worth) I find Ms. Lauder’s fragrances a little strong for me.  When I pass someone wearing Pleasures I think of my dear sweet mom, who passed away one short year ago on May 22nd.  My grandma was a Shalimar lady and I loved her so much that I get a little gloomy when I smell Shalimar.

In my teens my first fragrance was Prince Matchabelli’s, Wind Song.  I can remember thumbing through Seventeen Magazine and falling in love with the ad due to this good- looking guy!   I was also an easy mark for the advertising jingle, ♪ I can’t seem to forget her,♪ her Wind Song stays on my mind ♫

I had such a crush on this guy…at least in the ad, never really met him. 🙂

As I got a little older, but not much, I found the fresh citrus scent of Jean Naté body splash to be more to my liking.  I was a child of the surfer days and living in Southern California the ease of splashing something fresh on your skin after a day at the beach was very appealing.



When the Beatles arrived and made all things English desirable I, for a brief stint, wore English Lavender by Yardley.   Then I tried Diorissimo by Dior, which strongly resembled lilies of the valley.

There is a pattern developing…I’m a fair weather fragrance person.  No real allegiance…even though in my mind I always thought it would be so fabulous to have a single fragrance associated with me.  You know, people would say, oh, that reminds me of Karen!  Ah well, that was not meant to be.  I am nothing if not a fan of packaging and marketing—I can be drawn to a perfume by both!


In my early twenties, Mary Tyler Moore days, I used the Revlon fragrance Charlie.  I felt so independent and free.  That lasted until I met my hubby and fell in love and got married!  At that time I started using Halston, a refreshing, wood scent.

I moved to Blue Grass for the first several years of marriage and then when Ralph Lauren unveiled Safari in 1990, the cut glass bottle with the faux tortoise shell top sold me.  I had seen Out of Africa (the movie) by then and fancied myself (at least in my fantasy world) as the strong, adventuresome Danish writer, Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep’s character).  I wore that fragrance for years, the packaging, image and anything Ralph Laurent had staying power for me.




Until…Jo Malone.  I have been wearing Jo Malone for 6 years now and I love 2 of her wide array of fragrances.  Amber & Lavender and Lime Basil & Mandarin.  I don’t mix the two, which is what she’s known for.  She sells wonderful products and again, I love the packaging but more than that I really enjoy the subtle fragrances.  I was given a bottle of Amber & Lavender for my birthday this past January by Son #2’s darling girlfriend.  It was such a treat.  I received the Grapefruit room spray as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and I still use it weekly.  Visit their website HERE if you have a mom that might enjoy receiving this for Mother’s Day.


What fragrance do you wear?  Do you stick with one favorite or switch for seasons?