I guess I’ve always loved spring…to be honest fall and spring is on equal footing for me.  But spring, more than fall, is a favorite for so many reasons.  1) I love the Pacific Daylight Savings Time, which gives me time after work to work in the garden; 2) The garden is inspirational, even when it needs plenty of work, you can’t stop Mother Nature from doing her thing and in spring that means plants generally look good no matter what abuse they have endured over the winter; and 3) This season more than most holds promise of good things to come, new beginnings.

As I have mentioned, I’ve been working diligently in the garden to try to get it to look like I imagine it should…

image via Content in a CottageImage via Content in a Cottage

This spring I’ve planted a few new (to me) plants in the garden and thought I’d show you pictures before I kill them or they rebel and turn ugly.  Wait, that sounds too pessimistic, I just want to show you the pictures while they are fresh and new and putting their best blooms on.

Clematis Sunset Garden book states there are over 200 species available.  The plant is deciduous here in sunny, Southern California, or at least the variety I purchased (I confess I can’t remember what it’s called…the tag was accidentally tossed).  I found out about the Willow Obelisk Trellises HERE

Oriental Poppy papaver hybridum ‘Lavender Breadseed’  I found this plant thanks to Trouvais HERE.  It is supposed to reseed easily and I love the benefit of that…buy 3 plants and over time end up with 30!

Daisy ‘Silver’ Double I think daisies are sweet and I enjoy them in certain table settings or as a simple spring/summer floral arrangement, but I ordinarily wouldn’t plant them, but this one reminded me a bit of a pincushion flower.  I grow a lavender pincushion without a problem, but I’ve wanted a white pincushion for years now and when I finally saw one at Rogers Gardens for a mere $10 for a 1 gallon plant I splurged only to have it shrivel up and die 6 weeks later!

I really like shades of blue in the garden.  Lobelia is a favorite and I found this columbine that had a trace of blue to it.  I’ve planted some delphiniums which were pretty small so it may take them awhile.

Sweet Peas I purchased this armillary in Rosarito Beach, Mexico years ago.  This year I planted some sweet pea seeds at its base and am happy to report that thanks to the unseasonably cool weather we’ve had this spring they are actually growing and there are a few blooms.  (See, I can find a silver lining most any place!)

I talked about planting the wine box HERE.  My dear friend Carla gave me the box and suggested herbs.  I planted them last year and this year the chives have bloomed.  I like the blooms as much as I like the ease of cutting a few chives when a recipe calls for it.

I didn’t take a picture of my hydrangea garden but the Endless Summer I planted it just about to pop.  I’ll take pictures later.

What are you growing this spring…I know some of my blog friends in other parts of the country are blessed with peonies and lilacs, lucky you!