Image via House Beautiful – Windsor Smith designs

So as I continue to drag tour you through my dream house we come to the kitchen, possibly my favorite room of the house.  Let me explain, before we get too far into our tour, I was fortunate enough to remodel my kitchen a 7 years ago and I’m happy to say I still love it.

These images (above) are of my kitchen.  As you can tell, its a small but efficient kitchen...or wait, am I the efficient one?  I’ll have to get back to you on that point.

That said, this dream house we’re touring is the house I’d live in if we all lived in the perfect world of Elizabeth Montgomery’s Samantha from Bewitched…we’d only have to twitch our nose and we could have anything we desired. 

That might actually be a little dull after awhile but I’d give it a try for building a house, wouldn’t you?


When I peruse the wonderful World Wide Web site and visit blog site after blog site I find I’m always attracted to kitchens.  My photo file, organized by room, is bulging with kitchen images.

I love the steel windows I’m starting to see in homes.  The beams in this kitchen are a dream, along with the fixtures.

I confess I enjoy cooking and entertaining and I guess that is why I’m attracted to this room of all rooms in a house.  Conversely, I don’t sleep very well and I can never find enough pictures of bedrooms…is there a connection?

I blogged about Atlanta designer, Dan Carithers, before HERE and I love his kitchen.

(Goodman Follow)  You know how I love black in the kitchen and the white wall behind the cupboard sets this hutch apart (in my humble opinion) because it lightens the look of the piece.  Love the pewter plates and cups/stemware.

The mirror makes this smallish kitchen look larger and it would be a nice addition if you have the wall space.

These two Jackye Lanham kitchens are so impressive.  Visit her website for more beautiful rooms HERE

The one thing my kitchen doesn’t have (well maybe not just “one” thing) is an island.  I have many friends that enjoy the convenience of an island.  When you are preparing meals an island can be a great work horse spot.

(Image above via)

This kitchen was built in a toy factory in Los Angeles by designer Michelle Niday.  I love the “living room” feel to it.  She has art hanging on the living side of her island.  For an open kitchen this one assimilates well with the living quarters.

(Image above via Los Angeles Times)

This kitchen is one of my favorites because it’s located in London.  Hubby and I have often thought we’d love to live in London for a year or so.

(Image via Elle Decor – Tim Kemp)

Again with the beams!  Small kitchens are often very efficient…just wish I had a walk in pantry to go with. 🙂

Image via tumblr

So this concludes our tour of kitchens, thank you ladies and gentlemen for joining me on this tour.  Oh, and by the way, the title refers to the fact that because Hubby and I both enjoy our coffee first thing in the morning we set the coffee pot up the night before so that all we need to do is hit the start button in the morning.  We used to have a coffee maker that had a set up timer but it died and the Braun we ‘re currently using makes a really good cup ‘o joe.

Do you dream of kitchens you’ve owned or would like to own?  What features do you love most?