Father’s Day is this Sunday and I was thinking it would be fun to shop.  Where, you ask?…the World Wide Web, of course.

There’s something so masculine about a crest, isn’t there? (I apologize for becoming side tracked so early in my post)

Be advised, the following gift ideas are items that may tend more towards what I wish Hubby would ask for, as opposed to what he actually wants although there are a few things contained herein that I’m sure he’d like (even if they are out of our price range).

Unlike most women, I don’t think men remember to upgrade or replace their travel bag…isn’t there a formal name for these.  I call it a make-up bag but not in front of Hubby.

Hubby already has the pocket briefcase and the cards but he enjoys using them so much I thought it would be helpful to others to know what a great gift this is for the man who likes lists. {Source}

This little desk clock is totally out of my price range but if you can afford it for the man in your life I’d bet he’d think it was pretty cool…or is Cartier a woman’s passion?

If your man loves his Starbucks, so much that he spends $20 or more a week on those Grande Lattes, I highly recommend an espresso maker.  I know they are expensive but they sure make a great latte and amortized over 1 year they pay for themselves—if you’re a Starbuck’s / Peet’s latte frequent-drinker.

Okay, maybe Hermes is out of my price range as well as the Cartier clock, but this particular throw looks so soft and I just love the colors and it seems to be more masculine than some throws…is that justification enough?

On to more practical, and affordable items…these RayBan’s are a classic favorite.



There’s nothing like a gift with a history…William Penhaligon, founder of the English perfume house in 1860 was Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria…the Duke of Malborough {and my hubby} wore Blenneim Buoguet (the fragrance above).

Now I realize that Sperry red canvas shoes may seem like a lousy gift, but I happen to know Hubby would like a pair…shhh, don’t tell him I’ve gotten him a pair!