With Father’s Day come thoughts of men and boys and the rooms they live in.

Captain Frederick Gustavus Burnaby, Tissot

I thought that since Father’s day is this Sunday I’d feature some rooms that I’ve saved in my files, rooms that have what I consider (in my humble opinion) a masculine vibe.

So pack your bags…and hop in the car…

I lean towards the look of what is so often, in the design world, referred to as club or lodge look.  I also associate those two words with a masculine leaning.  I confess the club look I lean towards makes me think of an imagined London men’s club complete with dark oak, raised panel walls, over-sized club chairs and/or wing back chairs and lots of leather, paisley, plaid and tweed, and campaign furniture.

Image via Slim Paley

My very first visit to London Hubby and I visited Harrods where there used to be a little dining place called the Trafalgar bar…it was a spot for shoppers (probably the men who accompanied their wives) who wanted to sip a pint and enjoy a tea sandwich.

Image via Domino

It was furnished with high-back wing back chairs that were upholstered in a wool flannel plaid fabric and there were dark oak round tables with dark oak paneled walls.  I loved it. We were there in March and the room felt warm and cozy.

Image via Elle Decor

It was probably just after that vacation that I felt I had a clear idea of how I wanted our home to be furnished.  I’ve stayed pretty true to that vision for the most part.

I realize that a lot of the images I’ve included are bathrooms.  I guess that’s because our guest bath is in need of a renovation and that has been on my mind during my search. 🙂

What could be more manly than an explorer and a map?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a bathroom large enough to have a comfy leather chair to rest in?








Image via Slim Paley

Image via tumblr

I could imagine a man enjoying cooking in this kitchen!

Image via Vignette Designs

All you guys out there, have a wonderful week!  We’ll keep you in our thoughts when we design…maybe.