I’m relatively new to blogging.  I was encouraged by our eldest son to blog about Garden (I have always loved working in the garden and used to be in a landscape business; we planted cottage gardens for our clients), Home (I have enjoyed feathering my nest, no matter where I live, since I was 8 years old) and Party (who doesn’t love to attend/throw parties?) … in July of 2007.

Photo by Neil A. Landino

Photo by Zeo Perigord

I had only gone back to the corporate work place in April of 2005 and was still adjusting to working full-time for someone, over working part time as my own boss.  I thought logically, “Sure, I can do that!” without having one tiny idea how or what to do.  Does that ever happen to you…someone you love thinks you can move mountains when you don’t know how to fire-up the bulldozer but you’re so flattered you say, “Okay!”  {Maybe writing a blog isn’t really moving mountains, I may have exaggerated a bit, but when you don’t know how to do something it can feel like moving mountains}

My first few posts were pretty pitiful and when I asked our 2 sons, who are both in web development/advertising,  how often I need to blog I nearly fell over when they said, “Everyday”.  I felt like a duck out of water.  I quickly decided that a) I really didn’t have that much to say and b) there was no way I could make time to blog daily!  So for the year of 2008 I didn’t even visit my site.  I told sweet Son #1 that it felt too much like “homework” after a busy day at the office.  Fortunately or unfortunately he didn’t lecture or pressure me about it, he is wise beyond his years.

By 2009 I had discovered blog sites like The Happiness Project and Pioneer Woman.  Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project was so much fun to read and I found myself looking forward to her emails that signaled a new post.  I stumbled upon Ree Drummond’s (Pioneer Woman) site just before she attained rock star status.  My loving to cook made her site a favorite when I wanted a new recipe.


I sheepishly approached Son #1 and asked if my site was still up or if he had shut it down.  He said he’d left it ‘as is’ and I could start blogging if I wanted.  I still had some misgivings but decided I needed a creative outlet since my job as Executive Assistant wasn’t doing anything for me in that arena {sorry, boss}.

Over time I have become comfortable with a schedule of posting 3 days a week and try not to feel guilty if I take a vacation.  I don’t try to earn money doing this, although I know there are plenty who do…I say, good for you!  I have visited many sites of many, much more talented and clever writers than myself but I have fun doing what I do (deciding on topics that interest me) and am thankful for the few regular readers that are following my ramblings.


It’s an amazing world this blogging business.  I have heard from one of the designers I happen to love, and had posted about, (Randy Boyd, HERE) and the daughter of a well-known architect I featured (HERE) and (HERE).  *My good friend moved into his former family beach house in Emerald Bay, California.  There are a few bloggers that I feel a kinship to and when they have commented on my site I am always giddy with happiness.  (Hubby has walked by my desk and commented, “what are you smiling about” and it’s usually a comment from someone that triggers that smile!

Thanks to each and everyone of you who take the time to read my ramblings, I truly appreciate you!