It’s time to decorate for Christmas and even if you prefer to keep things simple, forced paper whites or amaryllis can add natural beauty to any room.  I find paper whites to be a little too fragrant for the dining room but will use them in the family room.

via Petersham Nursery, England

via and George

via and George


I’ve had some success with forcing paper whites but recently I’ve purchased paper whites that are already in bloom.  Besides, it may be a little late to force them…we only have less than 4 weeks until Christmas; the experts say you should allow 6 weeks from planting to bloom.



I know I’ll miss the joy of watching them grow but I find most paper whites grow too tall for the container I’ve placed them in so by buying them as a potted plant I can get the size that suits my location.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                via The White List, Tricia Foley

via French Essence, image Vicki Archer

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Mary McDonald via adventures of tartanscot

source unknown

via and George

via and George

via The White List, Tricia Foley

via My French Country Home, Sharon Santoni

If you want to grow them from “scratch” visit this link for a detailed description of ‘how to’ not only grow paper whites and amaryllis but several other bulbs, such as ‘snowdrops’, scilla, ‘hyacinths’ and ‘muscari’.  I may try some of these for spring.

via paper{whites}, photo by Alison


visit these sites for detailed instructions on how to force your bulbs…




…or you could just by these and put them in some lovely containers and call it good.  P.S. If you do go with ‘cyclamen’ be sure to put them in a cool place every other day or so…they don’t like to be too warm (we share this in common).

Happy 1st day of one of the best months of the entire calendar year!  Take time to stop and smell the fir, drink cocoa, host a few social events and thoroughly enjoy the season!

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