In blog time my 300th post would, for the industrious daily (weekday) blogger, be just over 1 calendar year.  However, since I started blogging in 2007 and stopped for the entire year of 2008 and picked it up again in 2009, but only 3 times a week, I am just now reaching my 300th post.  Good thing I’m not getting graded on this, right?  Wait, that is right, isn’t it?

The good news, for me at least, is that this anniversary takes place in one of my favorite months.  Ahhh, the magical month of December!

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So my gift to you will be a few of my favorite things, cue Julie Andrews (specifically cozy rooms, great accessories, cool graphics, fun cars, a great recipe/meal or anything that inspired me at the time I stumbled upon it).  I don’t think these images will need words to accompany them, they are  really nice images.  Enjoy, and thanks to those of you who read my ramblings.  A huge note of gratitude to those of you who comment.  Trust me, I’m an invisible visitor on some of the blogs I frequent, so no worries, I enjoy the process and appreciate any and all who notice.

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unknown, but still…one of my all time favorite Christmas house images

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unknown—I once read every house should have a red room.

sorry, unknown

Richard Hughes Armorial

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Call Me!

I’ve joined the fun over at Melissa’s blog site, The Inspired Room…stop by for some fabulous ideas for decorating, cooking, etc.