I’ve confessed my addiction to dishes HERE and HERE.  I’ve completed the course for conquering my addiction and feel certain I’m cured [CODE = no more room anywhere for anymore dishes], but existing collections require storage, storage is sometimes an open display space which requires some creative arranging.  Phew!

So, I thought I’d show you some inspiring images of pretty cupboards I’ve found around blog land, just in case you struggle with the same affliction.

I have cupboards that will accommodate more of my dishes behind cupboard doors than I have shelves that require creative display but I am always watching for ideas I can steal borrow.

I used to visit a French restaurant, Pascal’s, that would have their dinner  plates stacked in an antique hutch in the dining room.  I loved the feel that I was dining in someone’s country farmhouse.

I just noticed that most of the hutch images I’ve collected have white dishes. 

Savvy Southern Style

Martha Stewart

and my favorite…

Yeager Antique Cabinet

Do you keep dishes and glassware somewhere besides the kitchen cupboard?