Do you ever wonder how your home might look if you were able or forced (God forbid) to start over?  Would you use the same color scheme?  Select the same style of furniture?

Maybe I’d want a two-story home with shutters, like the San Marino, Father of the Bride house (Nancy Myers)

San Marino, Father of the Bride houseWhen attending wedding showers I’ve seen some of the items registered for and thought, ohhh, those are pretty colors for a kitchen, I like these pots and pans, what a great pattern for everyday dishes.

To that end, here’s some fantasy rooms and details that I’ve admired and thought would be lovely in a “second” home.

I imagine I’d still want a cottage…

Home BunchHome Bunch

I think a fountain to greet visitors as they enter might be a nice touch…

Splendid SassSplendid Sass

Beams would be a definite bonus…

Bunny WilliamsBunny Williams

Bunny Williams likes beams too…

Bunny WilliamsBarn doors would be wonderful…not sure where these would go but I’ve seen them on several fabulous houses and I love the way they look.This kitchen pretty much has it all, beams, a great chandelier, a fabulous stove, lamps on the built-in buffet. 

Atlanta Homes MagazineA double farm sink…makes my heart beat faster.

Jane MooreJane Moore (above)

A tub I could soak in with a sweet chandelier overhead.

and maybe a bathroom large enough to have a leather chair and side table…not sure I’d use it but it sure looks pretty in the bathroom, doesn’t it?

Luxe & Lillies

Luxe and Lillies

A welcoming room to rest my head.

The Painted HiveThe Painted Hive

I’d definitely want an indoor laundry room, as opposed to one housed in the garage—may be a California thing.

Home Bunch

While I’m dreaming why not throw in a greenhouse?

Providence Ltd. DesignProvidence Ltd. Design

…and I’d drive this car…not really, I’m not a convertible kind of girl, but boy is it pretty!

…and I would most certainly have a Border Terrier…don’t tell Madison, she’s got some Border Terrier in her and I don’t want her to feel insecure.

Madison on laundry day (do you think she heard me?)

Okay, now you know my fantasy house, what would yours include.  Honest, this is just for fun.  I’m very content with my home and I love my life…but its fun to pretend sometimes.