I’ve read a couple of posts from some of my favorite blog sites indicating a return to the popularity of equine accessories in the home.  This is welcome news to me.  I have always enjoyed the country house look that a nice hunt scene etching or re-strike gives a room.

Sir Alfred James Munnings via

via – Sir Raymond Greene by Alfred James Munnings (1919)

Our home used to be filled with hunt scene art and horse paraphernalia…which created interest from our youngest son’s friend years ago.  Steven {Kevin’s friend} asked me, after looking around our family room, if I owned a horse.  LOL!  I did ride horses as a teen and my aunt owned a horse but a pony was the one gift Santa never brought me!


It truly baffles me as to why I enjoy the “look” but I guess it may remind me of my youth, coupled with the romance I’ve imagined tied to English manor houses and hunts and feasts in the forest while out of doors, i.e.  Gosford Park.  I know, I’ve been watching too many English period-series and movies!  Downton Abbey, is the latest addiction.





Ralph Lauren has always included country accessories that often included equestrian details.










5th and State

Diamond Baratta Design via Dovecote

 Hollister Hovey




For me, the touches of equestrian art and accessories are classic and timeless, but I do remember seeing a commercial recently that implied that the look might be akin to grandma’s overly sweet nicknacks.  I say, if you love it and don’t over do it, go for it, make it yours! 😉



(above) Amanda Nisbit design
















William Hodgins design via

I love the painting above.  This room is inviting and calming to me…the glow of the fire and button tuck upholstered pieces speaks of comfort and relaxation.

And if you prefer to keep your love of horses to accessories only, there’s always a Hermes scarf and pair of riding boots!  At the end of the long day you can place your Scotch/rocks or your cup of tea on these thoroughbred coasters.




The chair above, with the stirrup adornment was at a recent design market…the chair looks comfortable, doesn’t it?  Too much?



Hope you’ve had fun with the horses and me…anybody up for a ride on a carousel?



dog under table