Well, I’ve done it.  I made the switch.  After nearly 15 years of living with red, really burgundy, walls in our family room and kitchen I called our painter and had the walls painted.  I’m not sure what triggered the need for change, is anyone ever really aware of these motivations, but it was time.

Painting the family room

I can speculate that we were charging into summer when, once again, the room would feel a little warm, even though we rarely use our air conditioning due to the pleasure of mother nature’s natural air conditioning…a wonderful fog bank that creeps over the hills most evenings and cools us down, thank you Newport Beach, the red color gave off a psychological warmth (if there is such a thing).  Great in the cooler months, not so much in summer.

I had written a post about my leaning towards a more neutral color palate for that space and I must say, even though it’s taken a few days to pull the room together, I’m happy with the change.  And, maybe more importantly, Hubby likes it.  He rarely has input in these matters, and is just as happy to go along with my incessant pondering of new design ideas for our home, but he likes the less cluttered look I’m striving for so all is well.

One of my motivations for the change can probably be attributed to these porcelain jars…Tina over at The Enchanted Home opened a store and sells some wonderful items.  I found these (image below) and fell in blue and white porcelain love.

Somewhere down the line I will most probably reupholster the sofa in more of a neutral, non-patterned fabric but that will have to wait for now.

As with all home decor changes a proverbial can of worms is opened.  We knew the over mantle needed a fresh coat of paint.  So, we painted it.  Now the brick surround needs paint but that is adjacent to the French door, which is painted the same color as the brick and the same color as the entertainment center, which was a bigger project than we were ready to tackle this weekend.  So, painting those items will be on the list for later.  I also have questions about the ceiling, which is tongue in grove wood, stained lightly with white.  It looks like a limed pine but we’re now wondering if somewhere down the line we need to paint it white.

Any ideas?  Would the white paint we’ve used on the over mantle be too much white?

Meanwhile, I am content with the changes.  I can be patient for the final paint work that will need to take place, {hopefully}.

Happy Tuesday, my friends, hope your week is a happy one.