We remodeled our kitchen in 2003.  I’m talking taking it to the studs, same footprint.  It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already been 9 years.  The kitchen has fulfilled all of my hopes and expectations I had when we embarked on the project, so many years ago, and it’s held up well for the most part.

Viking stove, side counters 9.9.12Kitchen horse lamp, toasterThat doesn’t keep me from being stopped in my tracks when I see a beautiful kitchen.  In fact, my “favorite kitchens” file is the largest of my saved images files.  While my kitchen is pretty tiny I find I have saved kitchen images that feature huge kitchens as well small ones, and I’m pretty sure many of you enjoy kitchens as much as I do because the blog sites I visit regularly often provide some of the prettiest examples.

black and white kitchenMy apologizes, I not only have lost the source of this image, but I love it so and can’t remember if I’ve used it before.

So, I think that as fall is coming and I tend to cook a lot more in the cooler months, here are some ideas if you’re in the midst of planning your dream kitchen or just need some “pretty” to brighten up your morning.

Vignette Design{vignette design}

The one thing our kitchen lacks is a breakfast area.  I love the kitchen/breakfast area below.

Black and white kitchenBarbara Pervier designer{Barbara Pervier design}

This kitchen [above] is the kitchen of a 640 sq. ft. home.  I always marvel at how much style can be found in a small space.

Fine art in the kitchen is an unexpected treat.  I do worry that it would be my luck the marinara sauce would splash!

Color Outside the Lines{Color Outside the Lines}

The kitchen below is a favorite for the map of Paris over the stove and for the pretty dutch door.

Things that Inspire, 7.11.12{Things that Inspire}

accomodating pets in the kitchenHow clever is this?  [above] If you are a dog owner the sense of this built in doggie bar has appeal.  Notice the drawers with the dog bone cut-out for various canine necessities, so cute.

The kitchen below has a fire back that serves as the stove’s back splash.  I wanted to do that when we remodeled but couldn’t find a fire back within our budget.  Instead I installed a pewter looking tile with a rooster on it.

Home Bunch{Home Bunch}

This little jewel of a kitchen features several favorites:  The chandelier over the sink, the art on the side of the cupboard on the right, and the Carrara marble, among other details.

{Country Living}

What I love about the kitchen below is the glass front cabinet…for a dish-aholic this would be the best thing ever.  Storage for a variety of dish patterns, all fully justified, can be a challenge.

Great storage for dishesHome Bunch 9.28.12[Home Bunch}

Phobe Howard via Design Chic{Phoebe Howard via Design Chic)

…and last but not least, blue and white is always welcome in a white kitchen or one with stained cabinets.

Home Bunch, kitchen with blue and white cache pots

Do you have a preference, stained cabinets or white?  What is your favorite counter top material?