Are your tastes and preferences, where design is concerned, clearly defined?  If asked, how would you describe your style?  Do you look at a shelter magazine or book and know right off the bat that the room/home featured  mirror  your style; the room is how you would furnish and accessorize ~OR~ do you sometimes get drawn to a style that is completely different from what you currently have?

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Barclay Butera}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Beaufort House}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{House Beautiful}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Carol Glasser via Cote de Texas}

There are so many blended styles that appeal to me, so I believe I would have a hard time telling anyone that my style is strictly traditional, classic or country.   I believe there’s a little bit of several styles in most homes, especially if you’ve been adding and layering over the years.

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Haus Design}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Heather Bullard}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Kathleen Rivers, Southern Accents}

I confess, I have to put the brakes on sometimes, I can become so enthralled with a certain new-to-me ‘style’ that I lose site of what I believe to be my design focus or style.  Does this ever happen to you or am I the only fence-rider of style?

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Linda Floyd Interiors}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{nest egg 1.27.11}

Garden, Home and Party 10.25.12{Robert A.M. Stern Architects}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12{Rose Uniacke}

Garden, Home and Party, 10.25.12

That doesn’t mean I decorate a room and it never changes, far from that.  I find I get tired of colors and maybe even some furnishings every 10-15 years.  Fortunately, it usually means I need to paint and maybe rearrange the furniture or trade out a lamp with another, in a different part of the house, change the wall adornments, move pictures, change pillows and throws, you know what I mean.  But I do have to remind myself sometimes what ‘it’ is I love, what I always come back to, what makes my house my HOME.

Does this ever happen to you?  If it doesn’t, you are the person I admire and would love to have the confidence to say, this is IT, this is my style and I’m never swayed to the fickle tastes of design world changes and trends.