I’m not a summer person, most of my nearest and dearest know this fact.  Not sure how they know, unless it’s my whining as the summer heat sets in and I start to feel like it will never be cool again.  I haven’t had as much to whine about the past couple summers since its been pretty comfortable here in Southern California.  So, with that in mind I’ve decided to embrace the season, slow down and take time to read more, spend time in the garden, dine out on the patio more, relax, sip iced tea or, if it’s 5:00 p.m., something refreshing and seasonal  like a vodka tonic with lime.

To help me get in the mood…here are some images that make it feel like summer and inspires me to work on my attitude!

This image appeals to me, and I do currently have a bicycle in our garage (although it doesn’t have a cute basket attached),  it makes me want to enjoy a ride around the neighborhood.  However, the neighborhood is rather hilly and a bike ride like that will undoubtedly make me feel hot, so maybe I won’t. 🙂 (Am I whining again?)


There are other activities that I associate with summer.   When I was growing up we had a very large “side” yard.  I’m not sure if our lot was a 2-lot location or if the builder of the tract of houses felt the “side” yard wasn’t large enough to build a house on and tacked it on to our home.  In any event we used to play croquet in the side yard at every family summer barbecue, birthday celebration and holiday.  I loved this sport and wish my current back yard had a more level playing field for croquet.


image via Martha Stewart


via Party Resources

Joni over at Cote de Texas posted about her Pottery Barn vs. Kooboo chairs some time ago…this [below] is her outdoor use of those chairs and it was an image that inspired me to make better use of my outdoor garden space and to purchase a set of Kooboo chairs for my patio dining table HERE.

I believe this is a French Kissed image…I love the pea gravel and comfortable seating under the shade of a tree…I’m currently attempting to create the same look in our back yard.  I’ll show you pics once I get the pea gravel installed.

image via Dan Marty

There are so many activities that feel like summer, dining alfresco is one of them…I must make an effort to do this more often.

via House Beautiful

via Cote de Texas

image via John Saladino

image via Elle Decor

When entertaining in summer there are a wide array of little things that can enhance the appeal of the food and beverage.

image via Country Living via Party Resource

Another of my favorite spring / summer activities is work in the garden.  I understand how this isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but I find such a comfort from digging in the dirt and am always relaxed once I’ve clocked in some time in the garden.

image via Content in a Cottage

Polished Pebble always has some inspiring images on her blog (her yard in Ojai, California)

I’ve always wanted to grow this variety of primulas…primrose. 

In the famous words of Nike ads, Just Do It (summer)!