1-carl larson image{Carl Larsson}

There are so many great options for gift wrap.  Every year I promise myself I’ll keep it simple and use butcher paper and twine with fresh greens and homemade tags.  I have yet to actually put that thought into action.  Some of the ideas provided below have been in my file for a couple of years now.

2-brownpaper2 oh my 9.16.10{Oh, My}

Many of you have undoubtedly already wrapped your presents and have them artfully arranged under the tree, I hate you…not really.  I usually would have mine wrapped as well, but that extra week really threw me off.  I know, it should have been to my advantage but it was the week of our son’s wedding and I think I abused the extra time.

Here are some inspirational images, if you haven’t wrapped already, and a couple of sites that give you some valuable information for this final push to the magic that is Christmas.

I love the idea (below) of wrapping presents in interesting papers other than standard wrap.  Little maps, foreign newsprint, art paper, let your imagination run wild.

3-martha stewart gift wrapping ideas 2012(Martha Stewart}

I’ve got to hand it to Martha, she/her talented team come up with some clever ways to wrap any present.

4-MS Gift wrap ideas 2012{Martha Stewart}

The packages below are from an older MS tutorial [the link will take you the tutorial] where you can print out some of the graphics shown below, print them on paper and wrap.  Very pretty, don’t you think?

5-MS modern gift wrap{Martha Stewart}

If you prefer the lush, large, beautiful bows on your packages visit my friend Victoria over at Victoria Elizabeth Barnes.  She gives you a tutorial on bow making that is not only informational but hilarious.  I guarantee you a laugh at her clever descriptions of each step, and who can’t delight in some comedy relief this time of year?!

6-party resources 1 11.30.12

7-heirloom philosophy 12.1.12

8-holiday_wrap Paper source

9-party resources 11.30.12Heather Bullard has some creative tips for holiday gift tags.  I imagine you would need to make the fresh tag later in the season so that it wouldn’t be dried out by the time you delivered it but for a hostess gift this would be a gift to add to the gift.

10-heather bullard via party resources 11.30.12

{Heather Bullard ~ Lifestyle}

I like the idea of an ornament or some kind of tie-on present on top of the package.  One year Pottery Barn wrapped their gifts with an old fashioned key attached to the ribbon.  Williams Sonoma used a small copper pineapple mold to enhance each package.  There are cute things at Michael’s that will enhance a package and maybe hold inside meaning for the recipient.

11-from the right bank 11.29.12{From the Right Bank}

Then there are boxes that need no wrap.  Not that I’ve ever received a HERMÉS anything, but I have received Jo Malone gifts and they have a similar box.  They are beautiful in their own right and need no paper.

12-tumblr wonderful palmetto life

13-wonderful palmetto life, tumblrOr, if all else fails, go green, give a puppy…no wrap necessary.  How cute is this little guy, although I confess, I’d definitely add a red bow around his neck.

14-The House Finch, tumblrAre you wrapped and ready.  Do you enjoy this part of the season or do you have your gifts wrapped, where possible, at the store?  I have always enjoyed this part of the process and used to be the go-to girl for my family where wrapping is concerned.  Do you use double sided tape?  I confess, I’ve not been using it but maybe I’ll get some this year.