Since today is my birthday (me and Mozart) I’m going to share a few of my favorite images.  I apologize in advance if you’ve seen these a million times before but they continue to be favorites and I can’t bring myself to delete them.  They all bring an immediate smile to my face, hope you will enjoy one or two of them as well.

1-another favorite via The Enchanted Home 10.12.12{1.}

2-bedroom joy trubaut enchanted home{2.}

3-courtyard things that inspire5-2012{3.}

4-Dining Library via My Notting Hill{4.}

5-haus design 10.10.12{5.}

~I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend~


7-inspired design 11.7.12{7.}

8-Lake House White Kitchen traditionalhomekitchen-used 9-1-12{8.}

9-phoebe howard enchanted home{9.}

10-photo fritz von der schulenburg, via The Enchanted Home 10.12.12{10.}

11-tumblr that inspirational girl best bathroom{11.}

The image below is on my wish list…I would like this breakfast nook to be built for my birthday, please.

12-velvet and linen-used 9.1.12{12.}

Thank you for taking time out of your busy week to read my posts, and many times, you comment, I love that!  I count you all as blog friends and appreciate your interest in my ramblings.  Many of you are bloggers yourselves and your sites bring me joy and oftentimes provide inspiration and valuable information/education on topics I know little about, thank you!

13-tumblr a gift wrapped life best friends.

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