I love accessories, I don’t especially love clutter.  I realize that one person’s accessories are another person’s clutter but I don’t think I’d enjoy my home nearly as much without the “stuff” that I treasure.

Sometimes something as practical as an umbrella stand can add the touch that an entry may need. Image via Southern Accents, Carol Glasser home.

I take my lead from a lot of magazine pictures {Veranda, Traditional Home, Southern Accents before it closed}, blog sites {Cote de Texas, French Kissed, The Lettered Cottage} that inspire and friends whose homes I admire.

For me, Charles Faudree of Tulsa is KING of accessories.

Who knew a picnic basket on a sofa table could add charm to an already lovely room? Image via Country Living Magazine.

But…there is always a little self doubt that plays in my mind when I’m arranging my “stuff”…like is my house starting to look like my Grandma’s used to?  Loaded with knick knacks?

I love the simplicity of these silver items and only one of the footed pieces has anything on it, so pretty.

I guess we all have to figure out what we love and arrange things and maybe even change them out as seasons come and go to create interest and to avoid “over accessorizing” if there is such a thing, right?

I love using natural items in the grand scheme of accessorizing.

Plates as wall hangings, wow! Image via Country Living Magazine

Framed prints can make an ordinary wall look amazing.

What do you like to accessorize with?  Do you like clean lines and minimal fuss, or do you love to display your treasures?