Garden:  Spring is truly magical, with the seemingly overnight transformation of our outdoor surroundings from austere to vibrant.  I marvel at how quickly the yard can burst with color, including large doses of every shade of green.  I’ve shared with you how work in my garden always makes me happy.  I understand not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but those of you that delight in planting summer flowers or bulbs, understand the joy the warmer, longer days can bring the avid gardener.

Garden, Home and Party linky partyBethany HouseI planted hydrangea in the urn to the left of the door, it’s the softest pink.  Most of the flowers in the front yard are white or blue.  Pink was my nod to the fresh innocence of spring.  I’m such a dare devil with color, lol.

Garden, Home and PartyWhen the warm weather visits we spend a lot of time in our backyard. {Sorry about the glare on this image below, even though it was overcast, it was still very bright, one of the things I like best about spring}.

Garden, Home and Party - llnky partyI know this spring has had issues…like snow in late April in some parts of the U.S., but when it’s  perfect weather-wise, do you enjoy the great outdoors?

Home: Some of the steps I take around the house to seasonalize for spring:This time of year, with the addition of a few extra hours of daylight, the windows are open more often, the woolen throws are carefully stored and I put out some birds nests I’ve collected over the years.  {I only take the ones that are vacated by the family of wren, sparrows and hummingbirds}.  I’ve found most of them in our yard, and I love the intricate construction of each one.

Garden, Home and PartyGarden, Home and Party, nestI have a lot of roses in my garden, but surprisingly the ones that provide a constant source of flowers for cutting are the hardy, shrub Iceberg roses and my Eden climbing rose.  I love bringing fresh flowers into our home all spring and summer.

Eden rose, mantleorchid, spring linky partyI love the color of these orchids (above), a gift from a friend.  They look like spring to me, along with the twig planter, it almost reminds me of a nest.

Fresh fruit is another way to give a room a touch of spring.


iceberg rose bouquet, spring linky party…and finally, I bring out my little bronze birds to remind me spring is in the air.

bronze birdsIMG_0054Party:  I like to cook, I find it to be a creative outlet.  Mr. B and I don’t usually eat large meals during the week.  My work schedule facilitates simple menus for the weekday meal.  By entertaining friends and family, I’m able to try new recipes with the added bonus of trying out new table settings (another passion).  Spring swings the door wide open with possibilities and options for mixing things up in the table setting department.

violet chinaviolet table settingblue and white tableblue and white table settingwild strawberry chinaout door planterI use this white planter (which you can barely see in this picture) outdoors when it’s not providing me with plenty of maiden- hair fern and ivy for a table arrangement.  I buy small pots of seasonal flowers and plug them in where needed.  It’s an inexpensive way to dress the table with natures best work.

So are you ready?  Share some of your favorite ways to enjoy the season…

Peter Rabbit for springI’ll be eager to see what you’ve been up to.

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