Wikipedia describes the foyer as follows:  A foyer in a house is usually a small entry area or room by the front door. Other public rooms such as the living room, dining room, and family room typically attach to it, along with any main stairway.

I generally refer to that particular space as the entry.  It probably doesn’t matter but foyer sounds so much nicer, doesn’t it?

This is one side of our foyer (entry). The walls are Dunn & Edwards "Inside Passage" even though in this image the one wall looks lavender!

This is the other side. The front door is to the right of this French shelf.

I’ve seen some beautiful, grand foyers via the blog sites I visit and I’ve also seen some amazing foyers in some of my friend’s homes.  Bottom line, I really find this space to be an important first impression for me when entering a home.  Granted, the exterior front entry and overall curb appeal counts, but once you’re inside the house, I look around and delight in a creative use of space for the foyer.

This lovely foyer is part of a beautiful house my friend's daughter built in Newport Beach

This is an all time favorite foyer by Carol Glasser, Houston

another favorite…via Cote de Texas.  Don’t you love the fishing baskets and the antique piece on the left (not to mention the clock).

Windsor Smith Design

I don’t think you have to have a large space for the room to have the wow factor.  In fact, some of the smallest entry settings are some of the most intriguing and inviting.

Some of the best foyer images I’ve seen have come from talented blogger’s own homes, or those that they’ve designed for…

for the love of a house (below)

Slim Paley

the adventures of tartanscot (below)

Amy Meier Design

This table and mirror was attractive to me, even if this is the wall of what may be a living room rather than a foyer.  The table could certainly do double duty.

via Cath Muscat Interiors

via John Gruen

unknown, but isn’t this a lovely vignette?

I sometimes wish I had a mudroom, I wouldn’t want the relentless rain that causes the mud, but a mud room entry would be nice.

and since I don’t have a mud room, I guess I’ll have to line my boots up like this homeowner…

sorry, unknown source…and this has been one of my favorite images for some time.  {I think I must have been a skilled equestrian in another life}

I love the use of space in the image below.  The little portrait painting and side table creates a welcoming vignette.

via Elle Decor

via Pottery Barn

And for the streamlined, simple lines, uncluttered fan…

via Better Homes and Gardens

via Notebook Magazine

What do you like to see when you enter someone’s home?  Do you utilize this space in a particular way?  I’d love to hear from you!  Happy November.