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Since we’re traveling high speed towards Christmas, where more of everything is the norm, I thought I’d provide some calming images of rooms that are spectacular in their neutral color palette and prove less (color), is more.

I think I’ve mentioned in previous posts that sometimes the beauty that tempts most of us online can cause me us to loose focus on my our personal style preference.  I save images that, in my opinion, have the ‘wow-factor’ and I’ll occasionally go through these files to tidy up a bit.

What struck me during this most recent housekeeping session was the preponderance of rooms that have a neutral color palette.  Small touches of color seem to stand out when you have the calm of neutral walls and upholstered pieces. I clearly adore these rooms, maybe in part because my own home isn’t dressed that way.  I found so many striking examples I decided I needed wanted to do a post on the topic.

There are examples every where you look, simple rooms, often adorned only in natural woods, shades of cream or white paint and perhaps an accessory or two that beautifully completes the room.  No fuss, no muss.

I regularly visit 2 blogs that have mastered this style of design.  Loi of Tone on Tone shares the most amazing rooms with his readers. Sometimes its his home, sometimes he features rooms he’s designed for clients.  The talented styling doesn’t stop with his residence.  He owns an antiques store that displays the European furniture found on his buying trips.   I love the styling and the furnishings and wish he would sign a book deal so I could enjoy studying the details of each and every space he’s created.  Rizzoli, are you listening?

The other blog site I find a generous helping of neutral in is Henhurst Interiors.  As a designer, Phyllis’ blog regularly features homes that exemplify the Swedish style.  She has a talent for streamlining the design aesthetic of a room while still making it so inviting and welcoming.  Her own home is one of my favorites.

One of my close friends, Glenys, has recently moved into a beautiful home she and her husband built.  The interior of her spacious home is a wonderful example of the ideal:  Neutral colors and plenty of warmth.  I always marvel at how she manages to provide such inviting rooms without over saturation of any color.  It’s the perfect calm for this busy world.

Garden, Home and Party: Neutral rooms

Garden, Home and Party: Neutral rooms

Garden, Home and Party: Neutral rooms

A home featured over at Joni’s fabulous site Cote de Texas also reminded me of the beauty of neutrality.  This home is amazing, if you have time you might want to hit the link and check it out.  Ginger Barber did the interior design work of what  Joni calls, An American Farmhouse.

I’ve always admired the living room of Randy Weeks, of Aidan Gray Home.

Garden, Home and Party: Neutral rooms

I’m not going to ask you to choose, I love both neutrals and some amount of color, but it is something to think about…could you live with less color/more color?

Garden, Home and Party: Neutral rooms

There’s no right or wrong answer, its your style preference, what feels like home to you personally, but it is fun to find myself drawn to both almost equally.