If you love good burgers (and who doesn't?) this truly is delicious!

With my commitment to more recipes I am posting one that some of my more sensible friends won’t want to try—I mean, does this look healthy, low calorie or low fat?  And they (smart friends that I know) would be right, that the answer to the above questions are, no, no and no.  But I’m here to tell you, this is worth extra time on the elliptical machine or jogging track!

I prepared the recipe (link) after Son #2 requested it.  {I love it when my family requests a specific recipe!}  It later appeared on Son #1’s blog site so it must be a hot ticket item on the web.

Hubby, Son #2 and I all agree, it really does taste like In-N-Out (for those of you east of Utah, this is a small, family owned burger stand that has been around since 1948 and their burgers are legend!  They now have over 200 locations and when you drive by they always have a line at the drive-thru.

Note, it’s important (I believe) to have your butcher grind the chuck roast for these, as the recipe calls for—my market butcher was happy to accommodate my request.  Also, Ore-Ida makes some frozen fries called “Fast Food Fries” and they were a pretty good side for these delicious burgers.

So lace up your jogging shoes and once you’ve tried this recipe you can run off the calories!