The final idea that appealed to me in this news article about getting your home ready for the season was a paragraph, “Freshen the Furniture”.  This sounds like a daunting task if, like me, you immediately think of refinishing wood.  Fortunately, that wasn’t the idea at all.   The suggestion was that with a bit of scratch cover and some good furniture wax, you can clean up the wood pieces in your home.  The upholstered pieces usually need a good vacuuming after a winter with the house closed up due to cooler temperatures, but if there are spots from spills, try a spot cleaning wet wipe.  Shout makes one that (providing the spot isn’t too large) works very well.  I advise that you try using these cleaning wipes on an inconspicuous place on the upholstery to check for color bleeding.  I have not had that trouble but some fabrics are more likely to fade from chemicals than others.  This will brighten up the fabric and the sofa or chair will feel fresh again.  The final suggestion for   ‘freshening the furniture’ is with the purchase of a few  new accent pillows.  These come in all sizes, fabrics and prices.  I have found great discounts at some of the outlet stores and for a seasonal change this can have a huge impact.

These are just a few of the ideas for gearing up the for summer ahead and making your home ready for the season.