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I’ve never been able to put my finger on it but there’s something magical about books for me.  I find book stores and libraries to be very relaxing and can loose track of time when I visit.  Does this happen to you?

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The odd thing is, I have never been a voracious reader.  I do love to read and I thoroughly enjoy my design and cook books (no surprise there) but overall I’m not one to read more than a book a month.

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Still, there is something very pleasing about a vintage or antique book.  The look can always add something to a vignette in my home.  I’ve purchased a few leather bound books that I found at various antique stores and they are my favorites for accents on a table or tray.  I love an old cloth bound book as well.

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great library splendid sassIn fact, I recently went to our Friends of the Library (an in-library used book store), and found a book from 1902 named, “Bonnie Prince Charlie” and inside the cover was the name Emma Albrecht…Albrecht was my maiden name.  I had to have it!


I’ve always thought I would like a room with ceiling to floor books and room enough for 2 large wing-back chairs and an ottoman with a nice table between.  A cozy throw on the back of the chair to fend off a draft and since I’m dreaming, a wonderful fireplace.

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I have friends whose homes are free of books on display, some of them avid readers and learned people, so I understand it’s a preference (to be surrounded by books, or not).

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Books in a room catch my attention every time.

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So how about it?  Do you like books around you, in your home?