This is probably the simplest of ways to create a change for the warmer months around the house.  Look around your living spaces.  Remove anything that reminds you of the fall/winter months.  This is the season to be reminded of cool ocean breezes and relaxing fun in the park or at the beach, even if you don’t actually have the luxury of enjoying these activities.  You can create a ‘summer mood’ in your home that can have a very relaxing effect on you and your family every time you enter a room.  This should really be the goal for your home year round but in the summer we want more time for rest and relaxation. So pack the throws in the cupboard, put away half of your decorative accessories and pull out a basket for magazines, a vase for flowers or a cache pot for ivy (or any house plant that makes you smile).  This simple step will make the room feel lighter, less cluttered and you may get a breath of fresh air from just those simple changes.  If you have an area rug, consider a sisal rug for the summer.  These come in a variety of sizes with a wide array of cloth borders and at a wide range of prices.  Target to Pottery Barn carry variations of the natural grass rugs and they all impart the feel of summer. 

Less is more this time of year so make a few changes and sit back and plan an outdoor BBQ for friends and family.  Summer has arrived.