If you have any interest in cooking what so ever, you will enjoy the Nora Ephron movie “Julie & Julia”.  The new movie, for those not familiar with the title, is a story about Julia Child and Julie Powell and how their love of cooking impacted their lives.  Meryl Streep plays Julia Child and Amy Adams plays Julie.  Truly, you don’t even have to like cooking to love this movie.  It’s fun and funny and touching all at the same time. In any event, after my husband and I saw this  movie he suggested that I should make Julia’s Beef Bourguignon.

Over 30 years ago, when I was still a newly wed, I knew I wanted to improve my skills as a cook.  I had, up until then, made plenty of attempts at meal preparation but many were not very tasty and some were downright failures (like the time I attempted to steam fresh green beans and the enamel pan I was cooking with stuck to the electric burner because the heat was too high).  Fortunately, my husband encouraged me to take cooking lessons and reassured me that, with practice, I could get better at this.  I now realize that his reasoning may have been just a little selfish since I was to do most of the meal preparation in our relationship and he probably felt cooking lessons would benefit all concerned.

I took a series of French cooking lessons which included several recipes from Julia Child’s amazing book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.  When attempting any of her recipes I was always delighted at how patiently she walked the reader through the many steps involved in cooking something.  Beef Bourguignon was one of the first true success stories from that book and after the watching the movie I agreed to give it a try once again.

More to follow…