I’ve been thinking about front yards lately—in part because I worked in my own front yard during the Memorial Day weekend and in part because son #1 and his lovely wife just purchased their ‘first’ home in Austin.

Nice path to the front door and I like the use of green plants, no grass.

We’re excited for them and believe the  house looks like a wonderful first home (they forwarded us the realtors link and we were able to take a virtual tour of the home).   While the inside of the home seems to have been updated in all of the important rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, the front of the house could use some new landscape.  The home is brick and I see great potential for improvement.

I've always liked the idea of sitting in the front yard watching the neighborhood, sipping ice tea.

My hope is that once they are settled and have taken care of the ‘move in’ items one always needs to purchase when you buy a new/used home, that they will allow me to come and assist them with their yard.

I confess, I love grass and big trees in a front yard.

I love a project and landscape is so much fun.  Plus, I figure I’ll learn something new since I live in Southern California and they live in Texas where the weather and plant material will be decidedly different.

Again, no grass but nice use of shrubs and color.

Anyway, I’ve attached some pictures I think they might like.  Let me know what you think.

Another example of a grass-less front yard.

The kids don't have a 2-story house but window boxes are always so pretty.

Okay, now I'm dreaming more about the front of my house!

Nice terraced yard. Picture Sharon Cohoon, Sunset Magazine