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My husband and I are off to Arizona to help my step-father.  If I don’t post Friday, this is why.  Meanwhile, since it’s Wednesday and we all have busy schedules and we all have to eat, I’ve posted these weekday cooking  tipsWe love these two cookbooks and have prepared several recipes from them.  Enjoy!

I love to cook.  However, working full time can present challenges to cooking weekdays.  I have found a couple of really good cookbooks at Costco within the last few months and have found them do what their titles say, “The Best Simple Recipes” and Everyday Food, “Great Food Fast” cookbooks.

Available at Amazon and some Costco locations

I’ve tried several recipes from each book and found them to be easy and delicious—my family agrees, which is always a good sign.  I don’t know about you, but usually if my husband doesn’t care for a new recipe I generally toss it.  He’s not over picky so I try to cook recipes we both love.  If the recipe is truly so yummy to me personally, I’ll save it for a ladies lunch.  Is that what you do?

If you’re pressed for time during the week and don’t have an interest in trying new recipes, I totally get it.  Give a few of these recipes a try on the weekend.  It’s more relaxing to cook when you aren’t pressured for time!

Delicious and simple

Have a delicious week.