When I’m invited to someone’s house for lunch or dinner part of the fun for me is observing what clever and creative table setting, flower arrangement and menu my friends and family come up with.  Not long ago I attended a ladies luncheon and my friend’s table was so beautiful I took a picture of it.

Isn't this a pretty table setting? I love it.

While uploading the pictures to my computer I came up with an idea that I thought I’d share…

Michael's card stock is sold individually or in a tablet containing several colors.

When you’d like to create a special thank you note this is fun and easy.  Print the picture (sizing it to the card/envelop you are going to use).  For the notecard I purchased cardstock from Michael’s and made my own card (fold over style).  Paper Source has pre-cut blank  cards in a variety of colors (and matching envelopes all of which  go on sale from time to time (especially if its a paper color that they’ve discontinued).

If you have never been to a Paper Source store prepare to be amazed!  If  you don’t have one of their stores in your area you can shop online (click the link–not the logo— above).  The Paper Source folks make buying online super easy and they have a blog where you can get some great ideas—and NO,  I don’t get paid by them to rave about them!

I used 1 color of card stock for the card then used another color to frame the picture. Use a glue stick to adhere each layer to the card.

Now, once you have your picture glued to the card you’re going to use you then can either type or write your thank you note on the inside and then enclose it in a vellum envelop.

I was able to buy vellum envelopes at Paper Source on their clearance rack. I will use an address label for the address.

Either way, the picture personalizes the card and provides the hostess with a thoughtful reminder to a great event.  Have fun!