The other day I needed to do some cleanup work in the atrium (the fig ivy starts growing like it’s attempting an escape during the summer months).  After fertilizing and hosing off everything I sat down for a rest and the little gray cells started working on an idea—this only happens every so often so I need to capitalize on it when it hits me.

This vine was perfectly happy in the atrium but I felt it could branch out and grow even larger (be happier) on the patio where our fountain sits.

We have a fountain on our patio that I had purchased many years ago.  It’s been a bit of a disappointment due to the sound it makes when the stream hits the water bowl—it sounds like a little boy peeing in the pool.  How do I know this sound?  I raised sons.  If any of you out there in blog land can tell me how to fix this and make the stream sound more like water drops gently landing on a pool I’d be eternally grateful.

The fountain was something I thought would add to our dining enjoyment when we ate on the patio---unfortunately it really took up more space than we had and the sound was not as relaxing as I'd hoped. I believe it will be much prettier in the atrium.

Anyway—the fountain and the 2 large pots I had on either side seemed to crowd the patio a bit and it dawned on me (the day I was working on the atrium) that the fountain might look better in the atrium.  It would also stay cleaner since my gardener doesn’t work in the atrium so his blowing of dust and leaves wouldn’t be a factor.

One of the bower vines got a new home on the patio post with this angel doorknocker.

The birds in our yard actually use this birdbath (when it has water in it). I think one of the local sparrows has a crush on the iron bird that rests here.

I’ve moved the bower vines that book-ended the fountain—one is in the atrium and one is on the patio.  The calliandra (‘red powder puff’) vine that had been in the atrium is probably going to be a lot happier on the patio—that’s the goal, keep those plants happy.

See, doesn't this vine look happier on the patio?

Now we can listen to the splash of water all through the house.

Have you rearranged any planted items or changed the look of your garden lately?