When I got back from a whirlwind extended weekend in Austin I planned to post about my trip right away—alas, this is a couple of weeks late but I hope you enjoy reading about some of the delicious places my son and his lovely wife introduced me to…

I was invited to a baby shower in honor of my lovely daughter-in-law.  Work obligations shortened my trip to 4 days, but the 4 days were chock full of fun and I’m thrilled I was able to go.

One of my daughter-in-laws friends made this diaper cake...see the tine tennis shoes on the cake---it's actually made from real diapers. Amazing.

The shower provided a delicious array of foods prepared by one of the hostesses...I'm here to tell you I sampled one (or more...much more) of everything and it was all fabulous.

There were tulips on the beverage table and I love the blue glasses!

Son #1 and his lovely wife seem to seek out the most amazing places for us to eat.  So I’m passing the names, and where possible the links, to these restaurants and cafes—enjoy.

A favorite “tradition” has been established with a visit to Torchy’s Tacos once I’m off the plane…I’ve posted about this place before and it’s still as tasty as ever.  The location we visit (there is a more conventional sit-down location in the city as well, but I love the trailer park place) is a trailer in a food trailer park—an unusual concept for Southern California but in Austin this is a hot trend that seems to work!

I don't know the person whose head I've captured in the left corner of this picture but I think the logo to Torchy's is cute and it was the only photo I took so bear with me.

For excellent coffee and French pastry we visited Le Boite, another trailer, with simply fresh pastry and amazing lattes.

One of my favorite places to visit when in Austin is Book People.  The store is a 2 story building with great books, obviously, but they also have one of the best selections of greeting cards and note cards I’ve ever encountered.

We had lunch at Food Heads one afternoon---the restaurant in located in a former house and features an amazing array of sandwiches and salads.

We had dinner at a hip/happening’ place on 6th street in Austin called Parkside.  As you can see from the menu, you are in for an exceptional and unique dining experience.  DIL and I had the risotto, which was memorable.  (sorry, no picture).

My final day of my brief visit was with my DIL’s mom, Linda.  She treated me to lunch at Eastside Cafe (another restaurant utilizing a former home).  The restaurant is known for growing many of their own vegetables and they have an exotic (at least to this city girl) array of chickens—they use the eggs for a variety of menu items.  We “grandma to be” gals loved our lunch and the stroll around the grounds afterward.

Wouldn’t it be fun to own your own chickens?  Maybe they’re a lot more work than it seems but I think I’d like to be able to harvest my own farm fresh eggs from my own back yard.

My visit, as always, was so much fun and I love Austin!