Not too long ago I posted some images of pretty rooms, no specific theme or particular area of the home, just some “Calorie free, eye candy

This room designed by Daniel Brisset prompted me to look more closely and see if this trend is taking fireplace/television placement by storm.

Canadian House and Home, Daniel Brisset design

This doggie is requesting the Animal Planet channel, please.

Photo by Stephanie Wohlner, House BeautifulI brought up the question, what do we think about mounting a flat screen television over the fireplace?

So here’s some images I’ve found, I’d love to hear your thoughts on mounting a television over the fireplace.

This Veranda “Paris in Pebble Beach” feature showed us how an antique door from Burgundy, France could be installed to hide the television when not in use.  I really like the room and the fireplace! {Photo :: Roger Davies} Sorry the image is small.

Veranda Magazine

Then there’s this…if one TV is good, four must be better!  [Note to self, do NOT let Hubby see this image]

House Beautiful, photo, Nick Johnson

I’m not completely sure how I feel about it.  It seems practical in certain rooms and certainly convenient…if you’re watching something boring you can divert your eyes to the fireplace.  If the fireplace is lit that works for me, I love watching a crackling, well laid fire; if the fireplace isn’t lit, not so much.

I guess the traditionalist in me loves a painting or mirror over the fireplace, and plenty of pretty accessories on the mantle.

Canadian House & Home, photo, Angus McRitchie

Country Living, photo, Keith Scott Morton

Country Living, photo, Michael LuppinoStill, if this is the best alternative for a family room due to floor plan, I think I’d do it…

Country Living, photo, Steven Randazzo

Architectural Digest, Toad Hall

Let me know what you think…do you like the idea of a television over your mantle?  Even if you don’t have a fireplace, share your thoughts with me, I love to hear from you.

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