Does anyone remember that little book by Joan Walsh Angland titled “Spring is a new beginning”?

This is such a sweet book!

I digress—Hubby and I are empty-nesters once again.  Son #2 has been living with us most of this past year when stability with his employer’s company seemed uncertain.  I’m happy to report the company has made a turn for the better so Son #2 is moving in with a couple of buddies he’s known since 2nd grade…history with friends is such a great thing.

Son #2 even tolerated the toile quilt, what a good sport!

Since we’ll have our Guest Room back I look forward to a good “spring fall cleaning” and a purge of unnecessary items.  I’ll also move my wrapping paper and ribbon back in that room (which will make hubby very happy since it currently sits in close proximity to his work bench)…it must be a guy thing.

I shop the after Christmas sale at Container Store every year with my friend, Debbie. I do have wrap for occasions other than Christmas.

Looks like my ribbon drawer could use some attention.

As with any new beginning—I’ve laid out plans for a few changes and I’ve decided one of those changes will be a plan to cook 1 new recipe (new to me) each week.  I’ve always thought that even if I NEVER bought another new cookbook, which isn’t going to happen, I’d never be able to cook all of the recipes I have amassed.  Besides Junior League cookbooks (which I almost always love, regular folks cooking good eats), Barefoot Contessa, Ian Garten, is probably one of my favorites!

That said, I prepared Coq a Vin from her (BC) Back to Basics last Saturday—hubby loved it.  I thought it was good but not great (my problem with it was that it tasted very much like beef stew only a little less full-bodied due to the chicken.

My walking buddies said I couldn’t post the recipe because my blog should only feature recipes that I love!  Anyway, I’m posting a recipe that I have never prepared before (how is that better you ask? Don’t know, but this recipe has been on my list for several weeks).  It was given to me by a friend who obtained it from a little inn in Italy (how romantic is that?) and she said she has prepared it for lots of dinner guests and the reviews are always wonderful.

So here goes…if you prepare this before me, please let me know what you think.  Once fall weather returns (it’s been a balmy 80+ degrees this past week) I’ll cook this…unless you tell me it’s awful (which will save me lots of time, so please report if it’s a winner! 🙂

Image via Google search for Lasagna Bolognese...looks delicious, doesn't it?

Lasagne Al Forno Recipe

From Felicita

Hotel Pasquale

Monterosso al mare

Cinque Terre, Italy

(My friend Linda’s comments are in parentheses)

Ingredients for 6 people

100 grams of flour  (3/4 cup)

100 grams butter  (4oz)

One liter milk  (4 1/3 cups)

A bit of salt

80 grams of powdered Parmesan cheese (2/3 cup, grated cheese)

In one pan put butter, flour, salt and stir together for five minutes.  Then add milk on medium heat.  It must boil until the sauce is smooth.  Remove from the heat, add powdered Parmesan cheese and mix Parmesan and sauce.

Place in one pan a first layer of besciamella sauce, then a layer of lasagna (cooked pasta sheet) and alternate lasagna and besciamella sauce for five layers.  Cover the last layer with besciamella.

Bake in the oven at 160 degrees (325 degrees F, covered with foil)

When you take off the pan from the oven you can put on the top pesto sauce or Bolognese sauce.

Have a good meal.

Felicita (the chef at the inn in Italy)

Happy Friday!