*Censational Girl is hosting a contest on behalf of Home Goods—Describe your ‘Mom Cave’—okay, that’s easy.  My “Mom Cave” (which is really a misnomer since while I’ll always be a mom, my kids are adults) is a room in our house that used to be our dining room…the room is fairly small and several years ago we decided to flip the living room / dining room.  The living room was getting used so seldom and we generally entertain friends and family a lot.  So—I moved one of the love seats into the former dining room and gave the second away to Son #1.  I moved the ladder back chair and declared it my reading room or library.

*A) Describe your ‘Mom Cave’ and get creative! It can be your home office, your craft corner or closet, your reading nook, your vanity, or your favorite getaway spot.  Wherever it is that YOU take time to recharge, create, get organized, or just relax.  Why is it special to you?   How does your existing ‘Mom Cave’ help you stay organized, unwind, or simply be a better Mom?

I have a wish list for this room---it may become my blue and white room somewhere down the line.

One of the reason’s I love this room is its south-facing sun exposure.  This exposure makes the room cheerful and full of light for reading.  The ladder back chair has an ottoman and I find this to be one of the most comfortable chairs in the house—great for reading or relaxing.

The picture above the sofa was given to me by my grandma.

I’ve surrounded myself with art that I love (the picture over the sofa my grandma gave me) and lots of books.  I usually take my stack of magazines or catalogs that need to be sorted and passed on, or using a clipboard I’ll take a stack of notes in for catching up on correspondence.

I don't sit in this bay window to read, but Madison, my little dog, does! (Well, not to read---she's not that clever---but she watches me read)

However, there is a “wish list” for this room.  I’d like to remove the wallpaper and paint the walls, upholster the sofa (which is in a faded state) and have the ladder back refinished to take care of the damage from the sun exposure.  We may have to tint the windows or put up a shade…not sure which, to avoid the sun damage from reoccurring.

Layla at The Lettered Cottage, created this reading nook for herself when they remodeled their home. I love the cozy inviting feel of this space.

The Lettered Cottage

This reading nook was created from a closet space---very nice.

Do you have a room of your own?  Or a space where you can relax, read, unwind, write, blog, reboot?