I’ve read a lot of different theories on how to ensure yourself 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.   I’ve practiced reading before lights out, warm milk, a relaxing bath and mind calming exercise with some success.

This bedroom looks inviting.

Overall, I have discovered that for me ‘order in my surrounding environment’ seems to be critical.  I know that must seem ridiculous to some but I can relax when everything is tidy, not so much when it’s not.

What do you do to go to sleep and stay asleep? Excedrin PM anyone?

I try to remember this quote, “Every twenty-four hours we are given  a fresh canvas to prime, to make ready for the vision.” Sarah Ban Breathnach, A Day of Comfort and Joy. I always hope that I’m ready to face a new day with optimism and energy.

Below are some bedrooms that I believe could aid with this whole sleep and dream goal.

This bedroom looks so fresh and inviting---maybe it's a guest room?

I like the French head and foot board and I think upholstered headboards would be comfortable. Would it be a dirt magnet?

I've seen suitcases stacked to create a nightstand before, just never using Louis Vuitton cases.

This streamlined look is relaxing to me; I like the windows above the bed.

Another padded headboard---the lamps are great with the prints and neutral duvet.

Can you guess? This is a Ralph Lauren room---it reminds me of a sharp men's suit---in fact I think one of the fabrics is called "suit ticking"

Red and white toile, need I say more?!

In case you weren't aware---I'm going to be a Grandma very soon!

{all images, except the 1st bedroom are courtesy of House Beautiful}