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Any of my friends and family will tell you that I don’t especially love summer.  Spring is wonderful if it’s not too hot, but generally speaking, I prefer cooler temps.  I love sunshine but I want the temperature to remain in the mid-seventies as opposed to the baking hot temperatures that accompany most summer months.

Brabourne Farms image

I’d like to work on my garden bench and surrounds so that it more resembles this than the ‘catch-all’ that it is…{add it to the list}

I definitely want to add more hydrangea to my garden.  I would like to add white and maybe blue, which will turn pink if you don’t add some additive to the soil (I purchase this from the garden shop but I have a friend that just put’s a couple of nails in the ground.

I have a little man-made (by me) dry river bed that could use some attention, maybe a few plants that thrive in and around rock.

The exception we experienced this year and last is that we had a very unseasonably cool summer followed by what I believe weather experts are declaring the wettest and possibly coldest late fall/winter for some time.  Maybe that’s why my daydreaming has involved visions of what I’d like to do to the garden as soon as it’s warm enough.

Note:  Some might consider us Southern California folks real wimps when it comes to weather, and we usually just want perfect weather! Is that really too much to ask?{smile}

I lost all of my lavender in the rains (my planting areas resembled small ponds during much of the time). So I am definitely going to plant more French lavender this coming spring.

Diamond Creek Vineyard, Calistoga --via Garden DesignI’d also like to take out a couple of rose bushes that aren’t holding their own and replace them with something great for cutting and bringing indoors.  {Suggestions welcome!}

Besides wanting my yard to look good, my goal is to be able to do more harvesting of my own flowers and greens to make bouquets…

photo by Michael Kraus via Garden Design

There are step-by-step directions on how to create an arrangement similar to this HERE.

There are some wonderful mail order sources (probably more than I’m even aware of).  Here are 5 unique sites as recommended by Garden Design:

Images except where indicated via Garden Design

So, is it just me?  Are you tempted to have thoughts of spring gardens once Christmas is put away?