Before I begin this post I must wish Son #2 a very happy birthday…born on this holiday, Groundhog Day!

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful year and may all your dreams come true! xox, MOM


If I have any readers that live in states other than sunny, Southern California I apologize in advance.  We’ve been experiencing spring-like temperatures, which causes me to think of days where you contemplate sitting by the pool, or in a comfortable chair sipping iced tea or lemonade.  Maybe you take a bike ride…

I don't have a pool in my backyard, and my backyard doesn't look this good, but I love the natural appearance of the the stone, greenery and a cool, blue pool.

Maggie, our cat loves this chair in the spring and summer months.

I don't think my little dog would sit obediently in the basket but it sure looks cute having a dog in the basket.

In all fairness (if Mother Nature is ever fair), we had a less than summer-like summer of 2010, followed by, what will certainly be counted as the coolest, wettest late fall into early winter on the books.

These were the flowers for my friend Alison's wedding...the simple Kern's jelly jars were so charming.

Lovely hellebore's!

Truly my favorite "shrub" because it produces these...hydrangea!

So this warm weather has been toying with my seasonal body clock.  I keep thinking about spring cleaning and garden work I’d like to accomplish and it’s not even Valentine’s Day!

More white flowers and a lantern, {sigh}.

I said these arrangements were simple, see?

Are you beginning to see a theme here, I do love white flowers.

So, I thought I’d share some flower arrangements that put a smile on my face (and a ♫ song in my heart ♪).   Most of these arrangements would be easy to duplicate, mainly because they are so simple and unstudied.

These were simple flowers from the big box warehouse store.

Wouldn't this little chair and vase make you smile?

Even fresh fruit and simple green limbs make things reflect spring!

I realize a great portion of the country is blanketed in snow, I know this can be difficult, but there are times when I wish SoCal would get just a few dustings of the white stuff—but until that happens I guess I’ll enjoy the weather we’re dealt and make the most of it.

Happy winter!