Most of us see trends as they come along, make the inevitable rise to mass acceptance, and then start to loose popularity to the next big trend.  This process can take years or months depending on the trend and its staying power.

These “trends” can be the increased use of paint color, wallpaper (or not), flooring, furnishings and accessories.  The item in question can often be something an individual homeowner will love from it’s rise in popularity (the trend) to the end of time.

This is the case (for me) with lanterns!  I have always loved their charm and can’t imagine tiring of them.

Through the years I’ve been guilty of “buying into” a few of the more popular trends i.e. ceramic or stone farm animals (often with wired-ribbon bows tied around their necks) 1984, artificial flower arrangements 1980-something, twig sprays, hunter green carpet (ugh), faux paint effects on walls 1990-something  (I never did the sponge painted walls, but the mottled look mimicking old plaster, I was there!), conversation pits 1978 (as I discussed HERE).  I’m certain we’ve all fallen into the trap with one thing or another.

Pottery Barn

Anyway, hopefully as we gain experience with our home decorating, we learn that we need to keep true to our own design style and that ultimately cuts down on the number of renovations needed over the life of a home. There will always be a few things that we are bound to grow tired of, that’s natural.   And not to loose focus on my topic, I even asked myself about 2 years after my kitchen remodel if I would look back on the granite counters and wonder if they age my kitchen by the time stamp on their popularity.

Pottery Barn

The trend I’m addressing today is one that has captured my heart—lanterns.  Don’t get me wrong…lanterns have always been a favorite but lately you see them everywhere.   I love them in almost any room and even enjoy the candle lanterns that are used in table settings, an accessory on any table, hanging from a post on the patio or sitting by the front door.  They are in lots of places and I’ve been known to sigh with satisfaction when I see one.

I know you’ve seen this image here a lot!  I love this room, including the lantern.

Note the lanterns on the mantle.  Image Erin Page Potts Interiors, via Velvet & Linen

I love the look and simplicity of the lanterns down the center of the table…notice there are no flowers, apples at each place setting provides a bit of color.  Image via SalisStudio

image via Cote de TexasImage via Cote de Texasimage via Cote de TexasLanterns have appeared in many of Joni’s posts, over at Cote de Texas blog.  If you’ve never visited Cote de Texas be sure to stop by HERE.

Images above from Cote de Texas

Tommy Smythe Designs

Love this kitchen by Tommy Smythe...love the lantern.

Velvet & Linen, study

Image via Velvet & Linen, another worthwhile site.

Do you have any lanterns in your home?