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I find inspiration for posts from a wide array of sources.  Sometimes a feature in a magazine will prompt me to post about a designer or some component of the room or home at large.

The September 2010 issue of House Beautiful did a wonderful story and provided amazing images about a California beach house, interiors by Carolyn Espley-Miller.  It was love at first sight (wait, have I used that term before?…well, where homes are concerned there can be more than one true love!).  The house has such a warm and inviting ambiance.   Comfort has become of prime importance to me and this house conveys that in spades, possibly due in part to the fact that this beach home is the family retreat where a family (husband, wife and 2 sons) spend quality time.

As I Googled Carolyn Espley-Miller to see if there were other images online, to my amazement I found out that the designer is host to one of my favorite blog sites…Slim Paley.  If you’ve never visited this site, I can honestly say, you’ll love it.  Her writing is witty and entertaining as well as filled with style ideas for living.   Her blog was recently nominated for a Homie award (a blog thing).  In my humble opinion she got robbed, she should have won!

Below are a few of the images I admire from Slim Paley’s blog:

Slim Paley centerpiece display

Slim Paley table setting

Slim Paley table setting

Enjoy!  …and for details on paint colors and the interview with Carolyn Espley-Miller,  visit HERE

Carolyn Espley-Miller California home

Carolyn Espley-Miller, House BeautifulCarolyn Espley-Miller