As I’ve said before, decorative accessories are a weakness of mine.  I pare down in the spring and summer months and seem to want more on display in the fall  and winter. In any event, I find the “icing” on a room to draw me in and I always enjoy re-doing a space where just the right vignette can give me a little lift with the change {it’s always the little things isn’t it?}.

Some of my favorite blog sites excel at excellent vignettes such as French Kissed, Vignette Design, and for the love of a house.


via French Kissed

via Vignette Designs

I have a couple of areas in my house that always stump me, vignette/accessories speaking.  The end of the bar in our kitchen, the bay window in the kitchen and the shelf over the kitchen desk are 3 areas that I find need to be changed regularly.  Sometimes I want a change due to the season, but I confess, restlessness with the way something looks is part of it too.   The shelf over our sofa in our family room also came under some decor scrutiny this past weekend and it received a change as well.   Hey, I was on a roll, what can I say?

The above was one of my past vignettes for the bar.

Over Labor Day weekend I decided to  “start off fall cleaning”.   I removed  everything from the shelf over the sofa in the family room to give the existing Toby jugs a good cleaning and to dust the cob webs from the space.  (I know, that’s a terrible admission, but its a fact, we get cob webs).  Clearing the decks really can give you new perspective and open up the doors of creativity.   Hubby and I both thought maybe it was time to store the Toby jugs and maybe re-purpose some of my nick-knacks, as hubby likes to call them.

This is the shelf above our family room sofa, up until the past weekend it had a collection of Royal Dalton Toby jugs and books.  We were tired of that arrangement and re-purposed some of the “smalls” I had hanging around in storage areas of the house.  When you have the ‘bug’ to change things it helps to have a stash of treasures you can draw from! {note to self:  too bad the heater vent is white, need to think about painting that the wall color}

Here is the left side of the shelf above the sofa.  The antique scale has visited several areas of my home, including the bar.  I pray there’s no earthquakes to send it toppling down on our heads!

Here are the other spaces I re-arranged this past weekend.

Barley twist is a favorite of mine and this footed barley twist cake stand (or whatever it was originally intended for} seemed to elevate my wooden ivy planter to just the right level for a traditional English vignette.

Not sure this is making my heart sing, but I’ll keep working on this spot on the bar…certainly something will inspire me soon.

This is the lower bookshelf in the shelves above the kitchen desk.  Being such an accessories nut I chose to restrict the cookbooks to the top shelf only…that way I can put some little nick-knacks on this shelf, like the antique pewter butter dish and my pewter topped dog-cookie canister…doggies are very appreciative.

Do you like to change things from time to time, maybe only for the season change, but it does make things interesting, don’t you think?