It’s my birthday tomorrow and I knew I wanted to celebrate with you!  I thought I’d post some of my favorite rooms (accumulated from my favorite blog sites, which accumulated them from their favorite blog sites, no doubt).


Barclay Butera

source unknown

I would post the number of rooms that correlate with my age but I’m afraid your (and my) computer would crash from the size and number of picture files so…since my birthday is on the 27th of this month, I’ll show you 27 of my favorite rooms.

 source unknown

Randy Boyd

Cote de Texas

Some of the images have appeared in earlier posts because I love the room(s) so much but that’s okay, right?  It’s my birthday and I can be repetitive.

 source unknown

Sorry, many of these images have been in my files since before my awareness of the importance of  providing credit and links.

Southern Accents

In the spirit of 27 Dresses (did you see that movie?), and my birthday on the 27th day of January I hope you enjoy.

Kristen Panitch

Jill Brinson


House Beautiful {Slim Paley}

French Kissed

for the love of a house

SMW adventures of tartanscot

Badgley via Elle Decor

Douglas Friedman

Randy Boyd via Romantic Homes

Birch & Lily

adventures of tartanscot

Traditional Home


Thanks for making this a very fun birthday.  I appreciate each and every reader, comment-leaver or not. 🙂

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