♥Happy first day of spring!  Spring Equinox!













I surprise myself in my enthusiasm for spring this year because a) we’ve had a very mild winter and I’m really more a fall/winter person than a spring/summer person, and b) there’s no way around it, spring signals warmer weather, even though it never gets truly sweltering, I dread the stifling hot days of the season that follows spring…talk about putting the cart before the horse, right?  I maintain this has something to do with my age, my red hair and my love of turtlenecks!









There are so many wonderful options when setting a table for a spring meal.  Flowers are plentiful and come in every color ever put to pottery.  Dining al fresco is a favorite during the warm evenings that you find during late spring (in Southern California).

I use a lot of citrus during spring and summer in both my cooking and as a natural accessory.

For some reason this year, I’m more than giddy to get into the garden and work on some projects I’ve been thinking about and I’m ready for the change in menu planning i.e. more grilling and dining outdoors.

Maybe I’ve gotten wiser and more appreciative in my older more mature years when it comes to recognizing the beauty of each season.

Spring is here and I’m embracing all of the joy it brings, especially the burst of energy I feel during this time of year.

I find great comfort when working in the garden.  The planning and searching for the right plant material is exciting to me.  Spring, like no other time of year offers promise of new beginnings, both in the garden and in life.


Polished Pebble

Better Homes and Gardens

I enjoy the process of bringing the outdoors IN with fresh and potted flowers, found nests and blossoming branches.  I lighten the feel of our living spaces in the house by introducing lighter pillows and throws, where possible.  The windows are washed and open for any breath of fresh air that can be captured.

The Paper Mulberry

The Paper Mulberry

So, goodbye winter, I’ll think of you often and await your return following fall, all the while delighting in your warmer cousin spring.

Content in a Cottage

Do you have a favorite season…I’d love to hear from you.