Before I provide you with 10 things I love about the fall autumn season, I want you to know I’m a bit of a crazy when it comes fall. The season has always made me giddy with anticipation, maybe it stems from the whole back-to-school thrill I felt when returning the first day of school, seeing classmates I hadn’t seen over summer and sporting a new frock, not to mention the newly sharpened pencils and the fresh PeeChee folders and crisp, college-lined three-hole punch notebook paper.

Why am I telling you 10 reasons I like this time of year, whether you want to hear them or not?  I was inspired by Melissa over at The Inspired Room.  She hosts an Annual Fall Nesting party every year and I jump on the bandwagon because I know I’ll be surrounded by like-minded fall-season-fanatics enthusiasts just like me and I’ll pick up a lot of great ideas for seasonal entertaining and décor.

So here goes, in no particular order because the way I see it each thing I love about autumn receives an equal share of my admiration…

1.  Cooler days.  A relative term since I live in Southern California however, it’s the little things, like a 10 degree difference that make my day.

{tumblr, the Steward}

{tumblr, the Steward}

Sometimes we even manage a little rain, nothing huge but still, it always makes me happy to know the plants are being gently cleaned of their summer dust.


2.  Fire in the fireplace.  We have a wood burning fireplace and it’s one of my favorite things in life.  If I lived in the U.K. I would probably need a fire every day.

(above) a match holder I found years ago, love the acorn pattern to it.


{Carla’s coal burning fireplace ~ gas operated} * I apologize for the darkness of this photo.

3.  The holidays.  This time of year I begin to plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’m not as big a fan of Halloween, other than it’s the time of year the goblins arrive, bag in hand, that marks the beginning of cooler weather for us. {Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing small children dressed for the holiday, I just have never gotten totally wrapped up in “Halloween” decorations or costumes — curmudgeon, no, why do you ask?

{Martha Stewart}

{Martha Stewart}

{griege blog}

{Southern Accents}

4.  Turtlenecks.  I know, how can that  be a favorite?  Easy, I hate my neck and am always happy I can wear scarves and turtlenecks this time of year.

{I don’t think I’ve ever pulled off “attitude” like the turtleneck-clad model below, but I do like her Donna Karan outfit}

5.  Extra blankets.  I’ve been known to sleep with windows open year round and it always feels good to have the extra weight of a blanket on me.  Fortunately Hubby feels the same.

#5 and #6 should have been combined, but I do believe they are not mutually exclusive.

6.  Flannel sheets.  TMI?  We love flannel sheets in the winter months.
Shorter days.  This is the one item I reluctantly list because there is a part of me that truly appreciates the longer days of summer.  That said, I enjoy getting home from work, having something comforting to eat and enjoying the darkness of the evening while sitting in front of the fire watching TV, catching up on email.  We bought our flannel sheets from Lands End and they are so cozy.

7.  Entertaining.  I’ve had many conversations with friends who enjoy entertaining, about how much easier it is to entertain in the cooler months.  When I entertain in the summer, yes the menu can be easier (BBQ, salads, etc.) but not necessarily.  The “things to do” list is always longer in the summer i.e. windows should be clean, garden tended, patio furniture clean and so on.  Once the time changes the outdoor factor goes away.

{my friend, Cayley always sets a beautiful fall table}

8.  Apples.  I enjoy fresh apples year round but there are so many delicious recipes using apples and there’s nothing like a piece of apple pie to help reinforce the season.

Have any of you ever tried these individual pie in a jar recipes?

9.  Long, hot baths.  No further explanation needed, right?

10.  Fall foliage.  You know, the leaves the plants the berries that crop up on so many deciduous plants.  It draws thousands to the East coast annually…there must be something to it.

Talk to me, do you find yourself dreading fall, holding on to that last warm summer day, or do you get a burst of energy from the cooler season?  It’s okay, I can take it, let me know.

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