I get accused of being overly organized, as if that’s a bad thing, right?  Anyway, here’s the disclaimer: I really hadn’t started working on any kind of Christmas list, let alone buying items yet.  But then I opened an email from one of my favorite blog sites, The Polohouse. Alison is hosting her monthly “Favorites on the First” and for November 1st the theme will be Your Favorite Gifts to Give!

Since I love these blog parties, I started thinking about gift buying for the upcoming season.  I must say, it was kind of fun, and while I only came up with a few things, it started the wheels turning for the shopping ahead of me.

This Christmas we will have two married sons…our youngest son is getting married December 1st.  After raising 2 boys I can tell you, it’s really fun to buy for girls.  DIL #1 has similar likes as DIL #2 (to be) but there are subtle differences and I want to make sure I buy them each gifts they will love.

A cozy throw for the winter months is always welcome as one of their gifts.

I believe one would like this faux fur throw.  Manufacturers have really come a long way where faux fur is concerned…it feels so much softer than the stiff polyester they used to try to pass off as fur.GHP, Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw}

and I believe the other one would enjoy this one…  I think the monogram would be fun on a throw.

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Pottery Barn monogrammable throw}

Along with the throw I thought I might order this pillow for me…do you ever do the one for you, one for me this time of year?

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Pottery Barn Joyeux Noel Embroidered Pillow}

Both Son #1 and Son #2 love to cook.  It makes me very happy that they enjoy cooking!  While watching America’s Test Kitchen, which is the group that test not only recipes, but kitchen items and make a determination as to which product is the best, I decided both of my amateur chefs could use this which ranked as “best” silicon basting brush…GHP Gife season is approaching{Williams Sonoma OXO Silicon Basting Brush}

and to support and encourage continued good eats from them…

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Williams Sonoma OXO leave-in digital thermometer} 

I have one of these and I love it!

Christmas is one of my favorite times to buy cookbooks.  This one is appealing for Son #1 (maybe Son #2 as well) but it promises to be more involved than I would like.  Still there is a great site that reviews a bunch of the newly released cook books…check out Eater.com

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel.
The release of any Thomas Keller cookbook is going to be celebrated, but the breads and pastries of Bouchon Bakery insure this volume will likely see more actual kitchen time than some of its predecessors. While it’s not necessarily for beginners — there are four recipes for brioche, each suited to a different, specific purpose — the book’s sense of humor and traditional techniques make this a must have.
Artisan: October 23.

GHP Gift season is approachingI confess the cover is tempting, I’ll give the book to Son #1 and then request that he bake me something from it.

Barefoot Contessa is more my style and her new book looks great.  This is on my list…hint, hint.

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12

With a title like “foolproof” what could go wrong?

Since I get to buy for our granddaughter, I came up with only a couple of items.  She’s still young (just 2 years) and I wait for her mommy to give me some ideas, but this would be fun and appreciated…

GHP Gift season is approaching{Land of Nod, personalized growth chart for measuring height} 

There are a huge array of designs for both boys and girls.

We want to spark that interest in cooking at a young age so I’ll get her this…

GHP, Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Stephen Joseph Cook Set}

For hostess gifts and gifts for friends I lean towards indulgences such as a great smelling candles, personalized note cards or a box of my (and most of my friends) favorite chocolates…

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{Votivo Red Currant~Bloomingdales}

Votivo candles are one of my favorites…they come in an array of delicious scents and red currant is my favorite.  I love Jo Malone candles as well, but they are out of my price range when Christmas looms.

GHP Gift season is approaching 11.1.12{See’s candy}

Mr. B claims that I love See’s because that is what I grew up with.  I believe I’m more objective than that.  I’ve enjoyed my share of Fran’s (Seattle), Godiva (everywhere) and Neuhaus (which I’m not sure is still in business), but seriously, for flavor and texture, give me See’s any day.

GHP Gift season approaching 11.1.12{Caspari notecards}

There’s a glasses company that I love and I might order Mr. B some sunglasses from them…

GHP Gift season approaching 11.1.12{Warby Parker ~ great glasses}

The final thing on my list so far is something Alison (The Polohouse) asked us to list…an item we would give as a gift if we were made of money, like Oprah.  This is it, if I had truckloads of money I’d buy one of these for everyone on my list because I think they would all love having one…

{Vagabond House ~ Acorn Oak Leaf Wood Tray}

I first heard about Vagabond House from Tina at The Enchanted Home.  They make a lot of really pretty stuff.

So, talk to me, have you started the “list”.  Do you buy for a lot of people or are you clever and DIY some of the gifts you give?  Do you draw names and only buy for one, plus children in the family?  I’d love to hear some of your traditions. 

If you have a minute, stop by The Polohouse for some great ideas on gift giving this season.


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