George (Steve Martin) from Father of the Bride:

I used to think a wedding was a simple affair.  A boy and girl meet, 
they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say "I do."  
I was wrong.  That's getting married.  A wedding is an entirely 
different proposition.

If you’ve read my blog for a year or longer you may remember that I’ve talked about the upcoming wedding of our youngest son and his wonderful fiance HERE, HERE and HERE.

Garden, Home and Party, a wedding on my mind 11.1.12A dress has been selected…

Shoes have been considered…

Garden, Home and Party 11.6.12

and a few surprises may still be in the works…

(isn’t this a cute idea?)

Garden, Home and Party 11.6.12

The date is rushing at us faster than any of us might like, and we’re excited and a bit stressed all at the same time.  We’re in countdown mode.

Garden, Home and Party, a wedding on my mind 11.1.12The venue will be unique and wonderful, The Los Angeles Museum of History will host our smallish wedding of 100 guests.  When Son #1 married we enjoyed a family-only event overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the home of some dear friends in Emerald Bay {Thank you, Glenys and Jim}.

Garden, Home and Party, a wedding on my mind 11.1.12The African Mammal wing will be the backdrop for the wedding.  The North American Mammal room will be where the reception takes place.  The pre-reception will be here…

We’ll mingle with dinosaurs, sipping our drinks and enjoying an appetizer or two.

Garden, Home and Party, a wedding on my mind 11.1.12This scene in a Harry Potter movie will be similar to our dining experience with a table to accommodate 100 guests, 50 on each side, sans Christmas trees, but lots and lots of candles.

There are details to attend to.

Since the wedding will be just prior to winter’s official start, we will all enjoy the warmth of the candlelight,wood floors, soft lighting and of course our mammal-friends alongside our dear friends and family.

I realize it’s still almost a month away, but I’m really getting excited.  I’ll post some pictures of the venue after the big day.  Have any of you attended a wedding at the Natural History Museum?