Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12

I’ve written about wall galleries before, but as with all decorating (in my humble view) it bears a revisit…which is code for :: my wall gallery image file is bulging and I want to share with you, in case you’ve missed some of these beauties in your daily rounds of wonderful blog sites you enjoy visiting.

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12

Here are some really wonderful wall galleries.  The thing that’s always made this form of wall art a favorite of mine is the ability to create something that, as a whole, not only fills a space but adds interest and beauty to a room.  The separate components of the gallery can be personal bits of art that you’ve collected or a great display of vintage botanics torn from an old book and framed in identical frames.

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12

{Charlotte Moss, Lonny, October 2012}

I’d love the opportunity to have a look at the wonderful gallery of items in the Charlotte Moss office (above).

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Cote de Texas}

I love the symmetry above.  It would appear the art may be botanical images but I’m not sure, either way, it creates such a serene setting for slumber, don’t you think?

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Haus Design}

The wall gallery above gives this black and white dining space such a punch…I really like the tailored look for the chairs and the fabric, very sophisticated.

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Haus Design}

The subject of the gallery above is ideal for the card file piece it accents.

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{House Beautiful}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{heirloom philosophy}

This family gallery is wonderful, all black and white photographs and identical frames.  I like how they used every inch of space, right down to the base at the foot of the stairs.

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Veranda, House of Windsor}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{source unknown}

The above is a wonderful example of how interesting a wall gallery can be, it can be anything you collect or have interest in.

Haus Design{Haus Design}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Ralph Lauren}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Splendid Sass}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Suzanne Kassler via Cote de Texas}

Garden, Home and Party 11.13.12{Things that Inspire}

I hope you were able to glean some inspiration from these wall galleries, I sure have. 

On a separate topic, I plan to drop posting to once a week through the end of the year. As some of you know, we have a wedding December 1st and then my favorite time of year, Christmas, will be looming.  This will serve more than just time constraints for me as I’ve been struggling with creative topics.  If you write a blog, I’m sure you understand.  It’s been a bit of a dry patch for me lately.  I do enjoy my blog and know I’ll recharge my batteries and come up with some fun ideas after a rest.  I thoroughly enjoy you, my blog friends!

Note:  Mr. B. will walk by when I’m reading a comment on the computer and he has noted that I have a grin on my face…it’s always a reflection of the pleasure meeting and chatting with so many of you in blog land provides me.  It’s funny how you may have never met someone in person but you can feel a kindred spirit with blog friends and feel certain that you would be close friends if you lived in the same city. ♥

Have a delicious and relaxing Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and gratitude!