Pilgrims brought the first honeybees to America. There were honeybees in California by 1820.

bee skep the simple front porch

I’ve been busy as a bee in my garden…planning and planting.  (It was one of my New Year goals)


tumblr_fresh as a daisy{tumblr ~ fresh as a daisy}

After ignoring my front yard during the month of December and most of January, I decided it was time to clean up a few things.  My gardener had pruned the roses and I usually do a little detailing to make sure they are trimmed properly.

Front of Bethany house_thumb{Bethany House ~ Winter, 2011}

Working in the garden relaxes me and makes me happy.  This past weekend the work inspired me to start making plans for the plants I want to install (as part of my New Year’s “goals”) and I came up with a list that I’ll order/pick up at the nursery and plant sometime between now and the end of March.

Jardin Prive{Bethany House ~ backyard fence}

For now I’ve planted some infrastructure for the planting beds, behind the boxwood in the front yard are…

‘Alaska’ azalea, a lovely white blooming plant that should grow fairly fast in this part-sun location to cover the valves for the sprinklers.

azalea Alaska white~and~

phygelius 'passionate pink'phygelius ‘Passionate Pink’, a smallish, upright fuchsia.   Bees and hummingbirds alike love this plant and the one below…


spanish+lavenderSpanish lavender, this will give me a little soft color around the white Iceberg shrub roses.

That plan instigated more thought about the back yard.  I started thinking about plants and bees.  I know, it does seem a little strange, but I would love to have the time and space to raise bees.  I don’t have the time at this juncture but like my desire for a chicken coop, maybe some day.

I hope to move some planters around in the back yard and replace a rose or two.  I purchased some seed in hopes that I can try my hand at growing ‘forget-me-nots’ and some Asian poppy seed to scatter.

tumblrforget me nots fresh as a daisy{Forget-Me-Nots}

Meanwhile, I’ll have to search for a straw bee skep to tide me over…

000_2133 Large Picture of Straw Bee Skep{Country Cottage Primitives}

There will be more garden coverage this year…stay tuned.  Like last year, hopefully, Olivia will help me with the watering when she visits this summer.

best olivia watering{August 2012}

Note:  We have a constant stream of bee and hummingbird visitors in our yard.  I think some of my new plants will be gourmet nectar to both.

Do you have plans for your garden this year?  I know some of you are still shivering from winter’s cold but you and I both know it will be spring before we know it!

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