More perennial plants details:  Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Blue’ is a wonderful addition to the cottage garden.  If Scabiosa is dead-headed (spent bloosoms removed) it will bloom from spring until fall.  If planted in full sun the blossoms will bloom on 10″ stems that make wonderful additions to a bouguet for indoors.  I had experirence with this plant when I was consulting on ‘cottage gardens’.  It was nearly pest free and seemed to thrive and bloom, as we all wish every plant we plant in our yards would.  I hadn’t grown scabiosa in my own yard for some time however I happened to purchase some cut flowers from the wholesale florist for a dinner party.  I found white scabiosa, sold in bundles.  They were so pretty, especially when mixed with other flowers.  I began to search the nurseries around my area for white and so far have turned up nothing.  I will continue to search but meanwhile I will enjoy the blue in my garden.  If you know of a source for white scabiosa I would appreciate hearing about it.