I’ve never wanted to go overboard with any one item in the yard.  I like collections but my yard is small and I didn’t want it to become cluttered with garden art.  Then, the other day while strolling through the yard I noticed I have more than a couple of angels and a few birds in the garden art department.

Hopefully, they aren’t too blatantly obvious but more a natural accent and fairly subtle.

So how did this happen, you’re asking?  It started innocently enough with this plaque given to me by my friend Carla in honor of my grandmother’s passing.  I’ve always liked it and it’s gotten nice and mossy on the wall in the back yard, surrounded by ivy.

Next angel to move in was this fountain, which is no longer a fountain but a planter.  A friend of mine owned a great little shop on Balboa Island and she gave me this fountain for a “friendly” price.  The sound of the fountain forced me to plant it instead of keeping it as a fountain.  The sound of the steady stream of water wasn’t the soothing trickle I’d hoped for…more like a little boy peeing.

The fountain/planter is now planted with white impatiens and sweet potato vine, I’m thinking I need to go back to pink impatiens and fern.

This little angel caught my eye because I could see her sitting on my garden bench.  My gardener broke her neck by accident one time, but we were able to give her epoxy surgery and repair her.

Above is her newest home in the formal garden, below is where she used to sit in the side yard.

This next angel is something I picked up in Rosarito Beach, Mexico…what was I thinking?…I’m really getting carried away with angels but these were all bought over a period of 25 years.

This door knocker was a gift, I’ve hung it on the patio post and looking at this photograph it’s kind of creepy looking.  She looks mad and her eyes definitely frighten me.

I’m going to show you some birds next week…bet you can’t wait! 

P.S. I also know that a dear friend (who shall not be named) hates angel statues.  Fortunately she is still my friend.

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