Little shops line the street alongside wonderful cafes and bakeries!

One of my dearest friends lives on Bainbridge Island in the beautiful state of Washington.  Early last year my friend read in the local paper that the City of Bainbridge Island was going to stop their practice of putting up flower baskets along the main street due to budget constraints.  My friend wrote to the editor and gave some very sound advice on how they could trim costs in other areas of the budget and retain the beauty and charm of the traditional hanging baskets.

Beautiful flower baskets line the main street in town on Bainbridge Island

As a result of her letter my friend now volunteers many hours towards coordinating the team of volunteers that water these baskets (which includes her and her husband).  The best part of this story is the flower basket program is alive and well and my friend has been commended (well deserved) for her willingness to speak up and to actually be willing to devote time and energy to this project she and others hold dear.

Pegasus Coffee is unbelievable!

This is a lovely village-like place that reminds me of the Cotswold’s in England.  The main street through town is lined with incredible flower baskets and it takes a team of volunteers to water them (when mother nature sleeps in!).

You get to ride a ferry to get to and from the island, how fun would that be?!